Post: PO Box 1121 Tamworth NSW 2340


Race Rules

ALL Competitors MUST be members of the Tamworth Tri Club

  1. Any recognised swim stroke permitted.
  2. Wetsuits only permitted with Race Directors approval & subject to water temperature.



  1. Helmets must be worn & fastened before unracking bike.
  2. Helmets must remain fastened until the bike is racked.
  3. Cyclists must dismount the bike before entering transition
  4. Men’s torso’s MUST be covered with a singlet or t-shirt.
  5. All road traffic rules must be obeyed.
  6. Obey all marshals instructions.
  7. Marshals will not stop vehicles – cyclists should give way.
  8. Competitors must make themselves familiar with the course.
  9. Marshals will NOT provide course directions to competitors.
  10. No drafting or blocking permitted [7m. x 2m. between bikes].



  1. Singlets or t-shirts must be worn by all male competitors.
  2. Competitors must familiarise themselves with the course.

Swearing or abuse of volunteers / marshals / race officials will result in race disqualification & suspension from the club.